Monday, 5 September 2011

Stone Cold - Robert Swindells

For Link life is tough. His mum gets her new boyfriend, Vince - a drunken fool who is violent and cruel.  Vince used to Lock Link out of the house at night and turn his mum against him. Then he isn't welcome anywhere - not even at his sister Carole's house because of her moody boyfriend Chris. To top it all off he was given a sleeping bag for Christmas. So Link sets off in search of a better life on the streets of London - he wants a flat, job, friends and to be happy. After struggling with mad landlords, muggers, job centers and cold winter nights he meets Ginger. Ginger could be the answer to all his problems - just her smile makes him feel warmer even in the coldest winter night. But Link better watch out: mentally unstable Shelter could be at every turn. Shelter is ex-army and on a private mission to 'save' the country from homeless people. His techniques to do so may not be classed as law abiding or humane though...

Another Robert Swindells Book that I have enjoyed, Robert is clearly an exceptional writer. This book will make you laugh and cry. This addresses the growing issue of homeless people in the UK perfectly. Shelter is a very complex but brilliant character and Link is very charming too. You must read this book because there are lots of amazing surprise twists! A Fabulous Five star!

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