About Me

My name is Imi- I am fourteen and live in the UK in a very rainy place called Yorkshire. I love to read, write and be cynical so reviewing seems perfect for me. I tend to read young adult fiction but there may be a few adults or children's books on here. I just love reading- no matter what genre. I am visually impaired and cannot see out of one eye and can only see text at size 24 with the one! Yes, this does make reviewing a bit tricky but with help from National Blind Children's Society I manage.
I love animals, singing, apple technology, learning and dancing. My dream is to learn to play jazz-piano and get a book published. I first need to finish one. One of my big passions is campaigning and I campaign for the rights of visually impaired people and general disability rights. I love doing it.
Thanks for reading!:)

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