Monday, 19 December 2011

Hush Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush Hush is possibly one of the most boring, predictable and tiring book I have ever read. It is identical to the millions of other vampire fiction books currently invading our book shelves plot-wise.

It consists of:
A mysterious guy
He is very annoying
Yet you love him
You endure several deadly encounters
However through it all you still predictably love him.

It really is rather infuriating, but I am a fair reviewer so I shall type out a brief summary of the plot:

When Nora is forced to sit next to a guy called Patch in science she is disgusted by his obnoxious personality. He is very irritating and seems to know everything about her even though she has told him hardly anything. However she cannot possibly judge Patch because she cannot trust her own judgement of herself, let alone anyone else. She keeps seeing dangerous scenarios involving a mysterious person wearing a ski mask. Once its running them over in a car, then its being pushed out of a roller coaster, then a woman being mugged in the street, then her friend V being attacked. Every time the evidence seems to magically disappear before she can show someone the proof. But is she imagining? It doesn't help that a transfer student who could have been previously involved in a murder wants to mingle with her and V. But deep down Nora doesn't want patch to be involved, to her he is as perfect as an angel.

Compared to my previous Angel related review, this was a major disappointment and didn't fulfil the idea of angels well at all. When one of the main characters turns out to be a fallen angel there is no discussion on this, in fact Nora seems to accept this as perfectly normal with not as much as a question.
Plus, can you think of any other young adult dark fiction books where the two main characters meet as lab partners? Slightly twilight-esk me thinks? This annoying lack of originality means that you can work out the ending from the very start. Plus the main character appears to be either deluded or suicidal, constantly putting herself in danger in the poisonous name of love. Also the police are at her house almost every night to investigate crimes that appear to have never taken place, would she not have been referred elsewhere? The only good point I can think of is that for reviewers you want to read till the end to see JUST how bad it can get.

I give it an awkward one star.


  1. I have heard such terrible things about this book from everyone who's reviewed it, and yet that is such a pretty cover. IT COMPELS ME.

  2. I know right?! I heard a fantastic review of it so I read it. I thought it was just me but then I googled and there are MILLIONS of dreadful reviews! Thanks for reading ;)