Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

In the Capitol there is a dark secret, behind the flashy technology and wonderful fashions everyone knows of the 12 districts that never see the high life. The districts, enclosed to prevent rebellion, are trapped and mostly poverty stricken. Katniss Everdeen lives with her Mother and her younger sister Prim, but after their father’s fatal mining accident the family have no money and very little food. Due to their Mother’s depression Katniss takes on the role of finding food and spends many a happy hour sneaking out into the forest with her best friend Gale to hunt, and gather herbs.

Every year a sick reality TV show takes place which puts everyone between the ages of twelve and eighteen in danger of forced participation. Contestants are picked at the Reaping event, but if you risk putting your name in more than once in return you will receive food to eat. The first year of being eligible for the hunger games, though her name is only in the reaping once, Prim gets picked. Katniss knows what she must do, she volunteers and leaves District twelve behind with the baker’s son Peeta. Together they must fight to the death against twenty four other contestants whilst everyone at home is forced to watch. Who will make it out alive?

I decided to read the Hunger Games when I heard the film was in production, it was on my to-read list anyway. I found the book incredibly engrossing and the characters are so detailed and realistic that you really feel part of the plot. Reviewing this has taken me a long time as the book is filled with fictitious words, terms and phrases that require explanation, but when reading the book it runs smoothly together and you understand naturally. The Hunger Games is not as gory as the blurb and title may lead you to think, I found myself noticing morals such as: friendship, commitment, love and respect for others. I loved this book so much, and will definitely reread it. The film is doing excellently in the box office and I really want to go and see it soon. I’d advice everyone to read the book though!

Five Stars

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