Thursday, 18 August 2011

Marked - P.C. and Kristin Cast

Teenager Zoey's world is thrown upside down when she is found by a tracker and forced to go to the house of night Vampire finishing school. She has new teachers, new friends to make and then there is that little issue of love... with a clingy but stupid boyfriend back at home and the gorgeous Erik Night as her new vampire crush - what's a girl to do?! The dark daughters are a secret society that rules the school, it is believed that during their meetings the vampire goddess herself, Nyx, is present. Zoey is instantly off on the wrong foot with the dark daughters leader Aphrodite, first she caught Aphrodite getting very 'up close and personal' with Erik on her first day, THEN Zoey falls for Erik and THEN she is different. The half moon crescent that all vampires have on their foreheads is usually just an outline at her age, but hers is filled in inky blue. Could it have something to do with the vision she had of the Goddess Nyx when she passed out at her Grans? You need to find out...
This book is written by a mother and daughter who are clearly very committed as a whole series follows this book. The tales of Zoey Redbird is a must read for every teenager and is very popular in the Dark Romance category. I rate this book four stars because it does tend to drone on slightly in between very exciting parts and it did take me quite a long time (with a lot of motivation) to read.

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