Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Stormbreaker - Anthony Horowitz

'Stormbreaker' is the first of the explosively popular 'Alex Rider' series. Alex Rider is just a normal school boy, he lives with his uncle Ian and his house keeper Jack. Everything is going pretty normal until his uncle Ian Rider is killed in a car crash. It's funny though... Alex remembers Ian as such a careful driver... Alex is called to the Royal & General bank to discuss details of the will, it also happens to be Ian Rider's old work place. The Royal and General is not a bank... Nor was Ian rider an accountant... it's the MI6 headquarters... and Ian Rider was a spy who was killed on a mission. Before Alex knows whats coming he has been persuaded to become a spy and is packed off to Sayle Enterprises to investigate. Herod Sayle has invented an amazing computer, it's advanced technology is something to show the world, so Sayle is going to give one to every school. But is this extreme generosity or revengeful genocide?

This book is very gripping. You get a real emotional bond with Alex as you see him go through so much: Normal life, the death of Ian Rider, Training, Sayle Enterprises, ecetera, that you actually miss the character after you have turned the final page. The plot is carefully worked out and well put together with very good consistency. There were no boring parts and Anthony Horowitz gave excellent descriptions of each character as they were introduced. These characters were also very memorable and there was no need to remind yourself of their roles as you read.

I give Stormbreaker a five star rating!

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