Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Kindle!

So today was very exciting! I got a cover for my kindle which is quite cute! (Yes I get excited about the small things!). So here is my opportunity to review the Amazon Kindle 3g. Here we go!

The amazon kindle is an ereader which is as thin as a pencil and is only 247 grams heavy! It can store an incredible 3,500 books which can be downloaded from the kindle store to the device in just 60 seconds. With the type I have (kindle 3g) you can have free 3g internet connections whereever you go to download books anytime.  You can also connect to the wifi internet in a specific plsce. The device is small and light enough to hold in one hand and you are also able to turn the page with one hand too. The screen is fantastic and looks just like paper it isn't backlit so you can read easily outside in sunlight. On the kindle Estore you can choose from up to 700,000 books all availible to you and your imagination.

The cover I got is a 'Gelaskin' I love it because it was easy to apply and it stays firmly on. I am also told they are easy to remove. There are lots of designs but I chose the owl because it is so sweet and for some reason makes me think about reading! Get yourself a kindle, They are awesome! If you are in the mood for a treat go for a gelaskin too!

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